Sanctuary Project is a nonprofit social enterprise providing meaningful employment and job training to women who have survived lives of trafficking, violence, and addiction. We are a survivor-run organization, offering a safe community for women in transition to grow in practical skills while restoring their lives and hearts. All of our jewelry is hand-made by the women we employ, and 100% of our sales goes directly to providing more job opportunity and job training to survivors.




Founder + CEO, Holly Christine Hayes was rescued out of a life of trauma more than nineteen years ago and knows the path to recovery can be long and rocky. Her vision and leadership creates a safe space for other survivors to grow in practical skills, unleash their creativity, embrace their femininity, and heal their hearts - all in community with other survivors. Holly is an award-winning author of From Basement to Sanctuary and a world-renowned recovery ministry expert. She speaks in safe houses, churches, recovery communities and conferences all over the globe about the unexpected gift of a life of trauma and how that surrender can bring us closer to God. Holly’s mission is to help women everywhere find healing and transformation from trauma and to become the beautiful, inspiring individuals we were each created to be. 

@2021 by Holly Christine Hayes

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